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Egg Cartons

  • Interior design

Pulp egg cartons are made from recycled paper products, otherwise known as pulp. We personally design and develop our own egg cartons based on the customer feedback we receive. These structure of the boxes is designed in such a way that even the adjacent eggs do not touch each other as the box has a dimpled pattern which keep the eggs safe. These egg cartons come in different sizes, As a result, we have differentiated products specifically catered to our customer’s needs.

3x6 Half Dozen Egg Cartons/6 Egg Box Interlock-able/10 Egg Box Interlock-able / 12 Egg Box Interlock-able With the highly driven ethically excellence, our organization is actively committed towards offering a wide assortment of Paper Egg Boxes. paper egg cartons are also compostable. The materials can easily be broken down and will help create rich fertilizer for your garden.

You can reuse the empty egg cartons for arts and crafts projects, extra storage space, or a place to hold chocolate covered strawberries.

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